15 More Reasons To Buy Handmade

There are many benefits to buying and supporting the handmade movement. We all know that giving someone a handmade gift as opposed to a store bought mass produced one often creates more sentiment and appreciation. A handmade gift truly tells the recipient that you care about them and chose a gift as individual as they are. Buying handmade conveys this much better than an item grabbed from an endcap of those big box chains.

We also know that buying handmade financially supports the dedicated crafter who has lovingly made the item. You could be helping that recent graduate pay down student debt, helping a mom send her kids to dance lessons, or helping a retiree make ends meet. But the benefits of buying and supporting handmade reach far beyond that.

  1. Many crafters use recycled materials. This reduces waste and is great for our planet ! In addition, buying handmade often supports goods made with more conscious materials.
  2. Buying handmade often affords us the opportunity to give or receive an item that we are not crafty enough to make ourselves.
  3. Handmade goods are made with love, care and thought. Crafters are deliberate and mindful of the items they are creating. Each stroke of paint, stitch, or bead is well thought out and executed with care.
  4. Not only does buying handmade financially support crafters, it also supports a crafters passion and creativity. I always feel like purchasing an item someone lovingly created is like a nod to their creative side and encourages them to keep “doing what they’re doing” !
  5. When giving a handmade gift, nobody is going to give the same gift you gave !
  6. There is a sense of pride knowing you are supporting small business. Not only does it make the seller feel good, it makes us feel good too !
  7.  You can be the first one of your friends to discover a great new designer or artisan !
  8. Quite often, personal connections with the crafter are made. I cannot tell you how many friends I have made by supporting or purchasing handmade. That personal connection when you have a question is something large corporations cannot compete with in an effective, personal manner. Receiving a personal response back (instead of a canned corporate response) makes us feel more human.
  9. By purchasing handmade you are helping to insure that the crafting industry stays alive !
  10. I buy most of my handmade gifts online because I live in a pretty remote area. It saves me from fighting for parking spaces, helps me to avoid crowds, or prevents me from getting the cart with a bum wheel.
  11. Exclusivity ! No two handmade items are exactly the same !
  12. Large corporations won’t devote resources or equipment to items that are not selling by the truckload. Buying handmade, where items are made one at a time, allows for items that maybe risqué, quirky or odd to have a spot in the marketplace.
  13. Reading the bios and personals stories of the crafter or their creative process (or even the materials used) connect us with that crafter and again keep the shopping experience “human”.
  14. Customization ! Small artists can often customize or alter a design just for you. Having items customized just for you allows ones own unique style and personality.
  15. Handmade items make great conversation pieces ! Everyone loves to talk about things that are unique or truly one of a kind.

Let’s all do our part to support the handmade movement !


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