5 Super Unique Gifts For Dog Lovers

Shopping at handmade marketplace venues online always yields such unique goodies. I was shopping for a gift for my Aunt whom by the very definition of crazy dog lady is, in fact, a crazy dog lady. She has 4 dogs currently and her world revolves around her 4 legged fur babies.

I remember as a child her home was always filled with her love of dogs. Not only did she have tons of actual dogs, but she also has every available inch of her home decorated in all things dog. Everything from bracelets to coffee mugs to statues, magnets, throw pillows, plaques¬†and clothing. So these days, one would be hard pressed to find a doggie related gift for her that she doesn’t already own.

But in the world of handmade goods, (which I lovingly promote and support whenever I can), new and unique treasures can still be easily found. Here are a few that I stumbled upon today that I thought would make perfect gift ideas for the dog lover in your life.


Dog Nose Ornament

How adorable is this ? What dog lover doesn’t know and love the wet doggie noses they use to convey their love for us ? This cast resin ornament is unique and fun and is sure to start conversations !


Dog Nose Ornament by VitruvianSculpure


Personalized Scented Candle

These soy candles can be personalized with the name of your favorite four-legged friend. Available in 5 different scents, candle life is about 35-40 hours and is sure to help mask any unpleasant odors from Fido.


Scented Soy Candle by NancyandNellCandles


Paw Print Embossed Note Cards

This set of 8 super adorable paw print embossed note cards is a perfect gift for all doggie lovers ! They can be used as thank you notes, to jot a letter to an old friend or even to express sympathy to someone who may have recently lost a pet. You can even request custom colors.


Paw Print Notecards by MissMollysCrafts


Unique Doggie Sculpture

This one of a kind doggie sculpture is lovingly handcrafted from upcycled materials and is rumored to be great at keeping secrets. His body is made from a long wooden matchstick holder while it’s creator used metal for the ears, tongue and legs.


Wooden Dog/Robot Dog by LovableLeftovers


Yellow Lab Pillow Cover

I am partial to yellow labs because I am a yellow lab owner myself. But even if you’re not, who can resist the charm of this pillow cover ? Adorned with a top hat and monocles, this is a unique piece every dog lover can appreciate. And the live model in the picture should come with the pillow cover, but sadly doesn’t.


Yellow Lab Pillow Cover by FabFunkyPillows


And as a bonus….


Doggie Wrapping Paper

This cute doggie wrapping paper allows you to select the quantity of sheets and specific breed that graces the gifts you buy. Just an added bonus to the dog-loving recipient.


Dog Wrapping Paper by FireHydrantPress


In wrapping this up, (pun intended), unique gifts for dog lovers (or any animal lover for that matter) are available on handmade marketplaces such as etsy. Support the love of animals and support handmade artisans who make finding the perfect gift an easy task !

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