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DIY- Great use for recycling aluminum cans !

I recently discovered a video showing different uses for aluminum soda cans and absolutely fell in love with the little herb garden idea. (Video below). So I got to thinking about other beautiful creations one could make (or buy from other crafters) that use recycled cans. I found everything from magnets to guitar pick keychains to pinwheels to jewelry. I found hair barettes, Christmas ornaments, candles, flower arrangements, decorative wreaths and more. This is only a sampling of the treasures I found or course, but I hope it gives you inspiration. Go planet Earth !


NFL pencil holder by KreationsGalore on etsy (Go Packers !)


Beautiful Butterfly Pin by Loda on etsy made with recycled aluminum can


Outdoor Wind Chimes by WindchimesByVivian on etsy

Many of the crafty uses for recycled cans I came upon today come with step-by-step DIY video tutorials on Youtube. If you prefer not to actually have the brand showing, you can always paint or adorn the aluminum with embellishments that better fit your décor or personal tastes.

I am constantly amazed by what crafters come up with. To look at the world and see such beauty (and to reduce waste in the process !) is something we could all stand to do a little more of. Dontcha think ?

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