Cool Collections This Week

Not only do I love admiring peoples crafty creations, I also love looking at collections and treasuries that others curate. It helps me to identify current trends and allows me to be a voyeur into others peoples ideas of creativity and beauty. It also inspires my own creativity and yes, sometimes an item featured in a collection has me reaching for my wallet !

I enjoy exploring what a collection or treasury means to the collection curator. Do they create a collection based on a theme such as color, song lyrics, price, intended recipients, animals, holidays, etc. ? Do they just randomly pick items that they find appealing or unique ? Is their collection merely their own wish list of items they would love to have ?Trying to figure out the thought process behind the collection can be entertaining as well. (Perhaps I was a sleuth in another lifetime ?)

Here are two collections that caught my eye this go around…

Belle by Marukasa


Soul Searching by Laurie Anne Smith Sikorowski

What about you ? What kind of collections do you like putting together ? Why do you make treasuries ? Have you ever purchased an item you saw featured in a collection/treasury ? Have you made a recent collection/treasury ? If so, comment below. (And don’t forget to comment on the above featured collections as well !)

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